These 12 A3-sized aquatints/etchings form the body of my thesis work.

I borrowed themes from video games, the natural sciences and mathematics, and also returned to one of my most enduring subjects: examining and mapping the relationship between chaos and order.

During this process I discovered I really love using stencils (both hand- and machine-cut) with metal graphics. Also, pixel graphics and aquatints seem to go hand in hand – the mathematical, exact nature of pixels is softened by the inherent randomness of the aquatint process. I’m sure I’ll continue working with this combination in the future.

Our thesis exhibition “Tuottavin yksikkö” was shown at the Lahti Art Museum, Finland from the 4th of June until the 20th of August 2016.

Mineral Light

Timewave, Stilled

Bejewelled Cell


Six Padded Cells

Synaptic Scintillation

Flow & Chart

Plans for an Evening

Ideal Comprehension

Mind Your Maps

Roots of Rain


My thesis work.